Agarwood Tea

Royal Scent’s Agarwood Tea is formulated after centuries-old imperial prescription with no less than  12   different Aquilaria species,  it  is  a  100%   Organic Agarwood   ingredient, which extracted from every part of the tree, includes leaves, bark, resinous wood, and root, harvested from the only Organically Certified Monocrop  Agarwood   Plantation   in   Malaysia.   It   is   naturally caffeine-free, contains no preservatives, additives, and is natural and organic.   Entire production is carried out in a hygienic and HALAL, ISO 22000:2005 certified environment.


Silk Tea Bag

Made in Japan, Biodegradeble.
Faster and complete diffusion of Agarwood tea.

The Therapeutic Use of Agarwood

Anti-diabetic & Reduce Constipation

Lab scale extraction and Intra-Peritoneal Glucose Tolerance Test (IPGTT) results shows Agarwood extract has anti-diabetic effect on Sprague-Dawley rats and very convincing result as compared to metformin (a prescribed drug for diabetic patient).

The Goodness of Agarwood Tea

drinkingAgarwood Tea is a traditionally a natural remedy for many chronic diseases. It can be consumed on a daily basis to obtain and maintain long-lasting health benefits. Continue development and identification of active Phyto-chemicals of Agarwood, Organoleptic and Phyto-chemical screening shows existence of Polyphenols, Tannins, Saponins, Alkaloids, Anthraquinones, Mangiferin, Flavonoids, and Glycosides in it and they have vast health beneficial properties:


  • Polyphenols   : Boost metabolism and lower cholesterol absorption
  • Tannins :   Anti-bacterial, virus, parasite
  • Saponins    :  Increases immunization
  • Alkaloids    :  Relieves gout attacks, increases inner strength
  • Anthraquinones   :  Malaria and cancer treatment
  • Mangiferin     :  Anti-diabetic
  • Flavonoids     :  Anti-inflammatory
  • Glycosides     :  Relaxes cardio muscles


Agarwood Tea also traditionally used to promote healthy digestion, constipation relief, burn-off calories, anti-oxidant, able to reduce the risk for liver complications, helps in pain relief and to relax body and calm mind.

Composition & Efficacy

  • Flavonoids  : Anti-inflammatory
  • Saponins  : Increases immunization
  • Tannins  : Anti-bacterial, virus, parasite
  • Glycosides  : Relaxes cardio muscles
  • Alkaloids  : Relieves gout attacks, increases inner strength
  • Terpenoids : Natural scent and natural flavoring
  • Anthraquinones : Malaria and cancer treatment


  • Rejuvenating
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Relieves gout attacks
  • Anti-aging
  • Relaxing and calming
  • Naturally caffeine free